Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dr. Noel Gibeson Corbell


“All warfare is based on deception.”

Sun Tzu
The Art of War
400 BC


All good magicians will show you one thing (the distraction) with one hand and then do something else with the other hand. What is a black operation? A black operation in intelligence and military parlance is an operation so dark and, hence, invisible to all except those who conduct the operation. To everyone else it looks like something else; say, for example, an international terrorist plot. An alternative or false-flag scenario offers the perpetrators concealment and plausible denial. Ideally, there is some truth to the false scenario to make it more realistic should disclosure ever occur.

How is it possible to keep such an operation secret? Actually, it is relatively easy. Through compartmentalization, people in intelligence and the military work in information units know as ‘special access programs.’ To get to that level, one must first undergo a comprehensive, deep background investigation covering at least the last 15 years of one’s life for some things and the entire life for everything else. If the background check is determined to be satisfactory, then they may be granted a top-secret security clearance. On a further “need-to-know” basis, access to SCI or Special Compartmented Information may be granted. Thus a TS/SCI clearance means that someone has undergone an extremely rigorous background check and has been then been granted ‘read-in to’ that special access program. The term ‘read-in’ means that this person has had the limits of his special access program (SAP) compartment explained to him in writing, understands what they are, and promises never to disclose the contents to anyone who was not been read-in to that compartment, or face the wrath of the federal government. This is a lifetime commitment. There are numerous compartments or special access programs and an individual may only be read-in to a very limited number. This is done to prevent too much information being in the hands of one person and thus limits potential risk of unauthorized information disclosure.

In practice, in a notional unit of 60 people that is further divided into three units of 20 each, perhaps only one or two may be read-in to a particular special access program. Those who are read-in usually carry a swagger because they know something that everyone does not. This is the culture that develops as a result of this system; that and closeness with other team members.

What is it we know about the destruction of the World Trade Centers? First, WTC-7 was about 350 feet from the twin towers and fell down without ever having being hit by an aircraft. So unless we are to believe that it fell down from some special steel-eating termites unique to New York City, then there must be another explanation for its collapse. According to Professor Stephen E. Jones of Brigham Young University’s physics department, WTC-7 was destroyed by a controlled thermate demolition that brought down the building within its own footprint. The thermate charges were used to quickly slice through the structural steel of the building much the way a warm knife slices through butter. Thermate is created by adding sulphur to thermite and thus creating a more potent version of thermite; and a faster steel cutting outcome. Thermate leaves a measurable sulphur residue. Sulphur residue in the correct proportions for thermate was found in the residue of WTC-7 along with molten steel that was stilling glowing a month later in the rubble. The controlled demolition of WTC-7 is now considered a work of art by demolition industry professionals so hats-off to the black ops team that blew the building. For more physics information see:

Second, the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon seems to be one of the biggest mysteries of all; but with some distinctive inconsistencies. According to the first Arlington County deputy fire chief to arrive on the scene, the impact only left a ten-foot hole in the wall that was then quickly covered up by blue tarps. The burning tires of the Pentagon helicopter pad fire truck caused all the black smoke. Later, the damage, somehow, was to appear much greater than that first reported by the fire department. At the same time the FBI immediately confiscated all the videotapes from the cameras at the navy gas station and the I-395 traffic cameras within minutes after the impact. Were they waiting ‘standing by’ to do that? These cameras had a view of whatever it was that actually hit the Pentagon that day. Five years later the FBI still refuses to release these (unedited) videotapes to the public, the People of the United States, for whom the government works. This casts a deep pall of suspicion over what is on these tapes. Concerning the inbound aircraft or missile, witnesses on 9/11 reported either hearing nothing at all or whishing sound immediately before impact. That combined with the size of the initial impact lead some to believe that either a cruise missile or drone hit the Pentagon painted to look like an American Airlines aircraft (for cameras and witness testimony). Further and more significantly, engineers have demonstrated that the actual flight trajectory would be impossible for a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon. For more engineering information see: 

Such a large and intricate operation that occurred on 9/11 could be carried out by black ops teams working independently of each other and without knowledge of simultaneous actions being taken elsewhere. Perhaps only planners knew the full scope of operations. There would be no reason why the demolition team at WTC-7 would need to know about the two airliners scheduled to hit the two twin towers unless that same team planted the additional explosives used in those two buildings as well. But time and demolition weight factors may have mandated separate teams for those buildings. However, none of those teams would need to know about the Pentagon attack by domestic terrorists (from the government). Only the master planners would need to know that.

One aside about government involvement in this black operation: only a handful of rogue elements would be involved in an operation like this. They may view themselves as super-patriots; doing what is necessary to protect America against terrorists in spite of the Constitution and the laws of this land. They created a galvanizing event - much like the attack on Pearl Harbor - to unify popular support for the War on Terror and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the rest of the organizations from which these black ops come from should not be blamed for the sins of the few. The rest of the FBI, CIA and the military operate according to the Constitution and federal law. Federal prosecutors need to focus on determining who is involved and who is innocent in this conspiracy and murder plot.

If we were only to base our opinion on the scientific and engineering analysis briefly mentioned above and in much greater detail on the referenced websites, there is more than enough information to conclude that the ‘official’ government story has not been truthful or accurate. Clearly, there was a well-coordinated conspiracy underway on 9/11 that had nothing to do with the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who were blamed for it. Does that mean that there were not terrorists involved? Not necessarily because during a staged black operation it is better to blend together elements of verifiable truth with the black operation to provide believability, concealment, and deniability. How much needs to be determined by a special federal prosecutor after extensive investigation conducted before the grand jury hands out indictments for those involved in this government black operation. Those who were involved need to contact a federal prosecutor now to make a deal before they are indicted. Others within organizations who were suppressed by forces in those organizations need to provide information to federal prosecutors to help bring the guilty to justice.


Dr. Noel Gibeson Corbell. As president of the Mount Vernon Institute, Dr. Corbell provides research and consulting services into contemporary issues involving the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, international affairs, human rights, the economy, terrorism, intelligence, homeland security, including counter-terrorism, and government responsibility and accountability. At Georgetown University, he taught courses as they relate to technology, intelligence, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism and space issues. One course called Intelligence and American Foreign Policy, examined unclassified, open-source documents and the steps in the intelligence cycle up to and including preparation of the National Intelligence Estimate. As an organizational management consultant and a radio broadcaster with WALE Radio 990, he produced and hosted a live, radio talk show broadcast over New England and New York called Tomorrow, Today. Earlier, Noel Gibeson Corbell was a career U.S. Marine Corps force recon and infantry officer. In that regard he served in operational positions worldwide in jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans. Later, he was a strategic planner at Headquarters Marine Corps and for the Secretary of the Navy. His commentaries have appeared in newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, the Army Times, the Air Force Times, and on the Free Market News Network, as well as in The National Interest.